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what is TCF?

Tai Chi flow – a method, school and community – is a fusion of yang style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), Integral Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qi Gong), with several Tai Chi aspects involved in it: movement culture, healthcare, energetic work, self development, inner alchemy, martial art, meditation, philosophy, lifestyle. TCF introduces the core principles and skills like: stillness in movement, meeting with earth and heaven, lightness, easeness, centeredness, rootedness, flow, structure, softenness, flexibility, effortlessness, nonresistency, connectedness, smart force, tan tiens, water, circle, spiral.. In classes we warm up and prepare the physical body, then qi gong exercises for the energetic body, then meet the principles of tai chi in practice, we learn short parts of forms and then we bind them into a contiguous, slow motion in order to attain flow. We also practice with partner to develop listening/perception, and looking for the obstacles/blocks of your flow, and to learn how to use “soft/smart” force instead of stiffness and resistance, how to let go of tension and stress.


  • – improves your health condition and well being
  • – improves the functions of your organs and meridians by having a better circulation
  • – recreates vitality and youth, increases life-force
  • – strengthens your deep structural and core muscles
  • – reduces back, waist, joints problems
  • – fine tunes your coordination and movement culture
  • – relaxes you
  • – grounds you, makes you more embodied
  • – gives you a better stress-relief
  • – gives you martial artistic aspects (structure, force, resistance, tension, easeness, efficiency)
  • – helps you to have a deeper self knowledge, specially about your relations to yourself, to others, to the world
  • – focuses your mind
  • – helps your meditation
  • – brings you closer to Tao principles (source, oneness, wu chi, we wu wei – action in nonaction, yin-yang, 3 dantien, 5 element)
  • – brings you closer to inner alchemy, the art of self transformation
  • – attaining flow eases the stiffness of your personality/mind, and reconnects you to your inner resources (satisfaction, energy, joy, happiness, being centered)

Moduls and personal improvement


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About me

Adam Sapi is a tai chi, qi gong, yoga instructor, buddhist dharma teacher, somatic & movement therapist, martial artist, zen practicioner, ci dancer and bodyworker living in Berlin-Budapest. He facilitates somato/movement & self discovery related trainings and retreats.

He has been teaching since 2011, besides regular classes in Berlin-Budapest he is giving workshops, labs in retreats and festivals in Hungary, Berlin, Germany, Ukraine, Lebanon.

He has almost 20 years of several body-mind practice, deeply engaged by tai chi, chi kung, contact improvistaion, but he is also deal(t) with yoga, ayurveda, breathing technics, meditation, zazen, kungfu, playfight, butoh, physical theatre, thai massage, argentine tango, nonviolent communication in movement, sexual bodywork, therapeutic bodywork.

One of his core research and teaching topics is a fusion of tai chi and contact improvisation. He is fascinated about this field between internal martial arts and contact based dances, and working on how can these concepts, approaches and movement forms, qualities meet and support each other.

Concept of Radical Body-Mind-Awareness:

“My life was always been dedicated to practicing on body and movement, exploring the wisdom of Body and embodiedness, through this way reach and cultivate something more subtle essence – personality, soul, spirit, self, mind or however you wish to call it.”

“I m deeply interested about how do these methods become a self discovering and revealing practice in a spiritual approach. How can we attain effortless Flow through practice on the Body and bring it to life, deliver it to other people, transform human relationships around us and lift up our environment.”

He got his Dharma teacher BA @ Dharma Gate Buddhist University Budapest on Comparative religion and philosophy specialization and wrote a diploma thesis: Culture independent dharma – transmission and teaching based on bodyawareness, embodiedness, Body as a teacher.

Regarding tai chi and martial arts, basically been trained in (long step) yang style tai chi chuan system since 2009, but influenced by and experienced in chen tai chi, integral tai chi, wudang internal styles, many qi gongs and shen dao kungfu as well. Living in Budapest but used to live in Berlin in 2018-19 and trained in wdp Berlin.

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Adam Sapi – Radical Body-Mind-Awareness
qi gong, tai chi, yoga instructor
somato and movement therapist
buddhist dharma teacher
movement & body & self discovery related training, workshop, retreat organizer and facilitator
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